Questionnaire: Cybersecurity Assessment

This questionnaire is designed to evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity readiness by identifying gaps in your current cybersecurity practices. The result of this questionnaire will identify and prioritize actions for reducing cybersecurity risk and threats.

1. Do you have Data Protection Policy and/or IT Security Policy in place?

2. Have you reviewed your IT Security Policy?

3. Is your senior management involved in the decision-making of IT Security Policy?

4. Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in your company?

5. Do you have risk methodology or risk assessment framework in place?

6. Does your business have anti-malware protection and/or anti-virus software installed on all devices?

7. Have you and your employee attended any Cybersecurity awareness training before?

8. Have you conducted any Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and/or Penetration Testing (PT) on your IT system before?

9. Have you ever conducted Cybersecurity tabletop excercise in you company?

10. Do you have backup storage in your company?